Things to Do

Fish feeding is a fun activity at the Twin Ponds, which are stocked with Bass, Redear Bream, Hybrid Brim, Crappie and Catfish that avidly join to say hello when you approach the banks. You can Catch and Release fish at your leisure. The Twin Ponds feature a broad boardwalk with benches for lazy contemplation of the beautiful ponds, and also a stone walk to an over-the-water gazebo to be enjoyed by all.

Streams and Waterfalls - Seven natural streams traverse Highlands Pass. Numerous waterfalls, from high to low provide the property with a naturally dramatic feeling that only mountain springs can give.

Trails - Walking and hiking trails ribbon along the streams and through the forest of Highlands Pass.
Currently, approximately five miles of trails exist with more to be added in the future. Boones Trail, Wanderers Trail, and Bartram Forest Trail each provide a variety of exciting features, and varying degrees of demand.

Bartram Trail
The Bartram Trail crosses over some of the most scenic mountains in the state. To make your hiking experience easier you will find that the trail is marked. The trail is blazed in yellow to guide you as you cross over the mountains. When blazed in blue, this will lead you to side trails and breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge and the Smokies.

Photographic Moments
The Highlands Pass experience encompasses many outstanding natural and historic photographic moments. Journey to Wayah Bald vantage point at 5,200 feet elevation and enjoy the panoramic view that takes your breath away. Marvel at the Standing Indian in the basin atop the Campground. Legend has it he was turned to a pillar of stone when he neglected his tribal duties. Prepare to be amazed at the beauty of the 1,200 feet deep Tallulah Gorge.


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