Frequently asked questions about construction and the answers!

Building Specs
How many homesites are you offering?

We are currently offering 41 homesites.

How large are the homesites?
Highlands Pass homesites range from approximately one to seven acres with larger sizes available by special arrangement.

What is the largest square footage that homes are built?
Home sizes of a minimum of 2,200 square feet are permitted. Home sizes exceeding 7,000 square feet require special consideration.

Architectural Specs
Can you recommend an architect or a builder?
Yes. Highlands Pass maintains a list of recommended relations with nationally known high-end architects and also with local and regional builders. You are welcome to choose one off the list or find one of your own choosing.

Do you have architectural guidelines?
Architectural guidelines are administered to ensure the continued integrity and value of Highlands Pass.

Is there a minimum square footage requirement for homes in Highlands Pass?
Yes. The minimum square footage is 2200 sq. ft.

Is this a gated community?
Yes it is.


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