Gemstones & Minerals of Yore
If you are interested in gemstones already set in jewelry pieces or enjoy prospecting for that one-in-a-million priceless gemstone, you will find shopping treasures and gem mining opportunities awaiting you. The surrounding areas provide access to one-of-a-kind jewelry finds and our mountains contain one of the world's largest corrundum deposits if you would like to practice your prospecting skills. Rubies, Sapphires and a variety of other beautiful stones will attract your attention and await your inspection in the city of Franklin, the gem capital of the world known for these precious stones.

Great varieties of Mica, Vermiculite, Granite and Creek Rock abound at Highlands Pass. In the past, gold has been found here and today, on occasion, there are still rumors of ruby stones being found. Mica and Vermiculite can still be taken from roadside deposits and the fascinating hues of our Creek Rocks are worth remembering.

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